Coronavirus Update

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As we go through this time of anxiousness and concern about the Coronavirus, we understand you may be wondering when it will end and the precautions we are taking here at New Jerusalem. As Jesus said in the midst of his conversation with the disciples in Matthew 24:6-8, “see that ye be not troubled”. We stand on the Will and Promises of GOD in Jesus Christ and we believe in Psalm 91, as King David did.

With that being said, we will have Sunday School at 9:30am and Worship Service at 10:45am on this Sunday, March 15, 2020. Please trust that we will use wisdom and take every precaution, within our control, to be sure our church is thoroughly sanitized and germ-free.

We will be sanitizing our restrooms and common areas and have hand sanitizing stations at all of our doors. If you’re asked by an Usher to sanitize your hands, please honor them and do so. Again, this is not personal, but an effort to keep in line with our national CDC and MS Department of Health Guidelines.

To our senior adults or those who care for them, use wisdom and caution on attending church and going to densely populated public spaces.

Here are the precautions we’re taking:

  • Weekly – Wash and disinfect all surfaces, countertops, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Weekly – Making sure all floors are swept, vacuumed, and mopped.

During all services, we encourage hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer for every adult and child member.

Please DO NOT come to service if you and/or your child is sick and have been for the past 48 hours.

We are a loving church that gives hugs and shakes hands, but we ask (at your own discretion) that we greet using head nods, waves or just speaking to limit person to person contact. Typically our Pastor greets at the end of service, but for now, he will forego this to minimize personal contact.

If you decide to stay home:

  • Remember, you can give online, if you’re signed up. Just visit our church website. If you haven’t signed up for online giving, you can do that at the website as well.
  • The full service is NOT uploaded, but you can listen to the sermon online via audio and even download the sermon for later listening on our website.

Thank you for helping us in this effort to create a place of Worship that’s safe and clean!

We hope to see you this Sunday at 9:30am – Sunday School & 10:45am – Worship Service!

Be Blessed,
Pastor Holmes

Additional info:
Keep these six points in mind as we continue to pray and use wisdom regarding this virus.

  1. Don’t panic, most who get it recover fully.
  2. Keep your hands clean (soap or sanitizer).
  3. Don’t allow anyone with flu like symptoms to invade your personal space (transmitted by droplets at least 6 ft. In distances).
  4. Self quarantine if you have flu like symptoms (stay home/wear a mask when out) treat symptoms, there’s no magic shot.
  5. Try to avoid large gathering in excess of 250 people, especially if you are 65 years of age and older with other existing Illnesses.
  6. Dr. Offices nor hospitals will test you for Coronavirus up on request (that’s not the process).