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Virtual Sunday School Classes:
Visit the link below to see our list of virtual Sunday School classes. Some of you have probably been in touch with your specific teacher about your virtual class. Either way, we will list them at this link as they come in. All are welcome to join a class! Link here –

Also, tune in this morning at 11am at either of the link(s) below for our virtual service by Pastor Holmes. Ways you can view:

YouTube Link here

NJMBC Facebook Page here @NewJerusalemGreenvilleMS (please like the group if you haven’t done so already) –

NJMBC Website here (scroll down on homepage)

If you want to watch the 11am service on your SmartTV, simply subscribe to the NJMBC YouTube page at this link –  After subscribing, go to the YouTube app (not YouTubeTV app) on your SmartTV and login to your YouTube account and the NJMBC Channel should be under your subscriptions.

Lastly, we will have physical CD’s/DVD’s available. You can request a CD/DVD online here – There will be a CD/DVD dropbox outside of the church. Lastly you can call Bro. Melvin Brown at 662-390-7528 or Bro. Genesis Miller at 662-394-0018 for assistance. Thanks for your patience as we continue to make this transition.